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Han-chan, the cutest Ham on earth
23 March 2014 @ 11:21 am
scrn shot

This is how I see your page. I am on firefox with ad-blocker. When I put the cursor over the next button, I can only select the text. No idea why (and it really is not a huge issue). <3
Han-chan, the cutest Ham on earth
23 January 2014 @ 09:08 am
Hi, this journal has been dead for how long?

Anyways..... below is an image some of you might be looking for. loaded_march's card number 96. I may or may not have lost the card. When I go home today I will look for it but I am FINALLY remembering to upload the dang thing so I am throwing it up before I procrastinate even more.

Content Written by: loaded_march
Card Art by: cerch
And here is the place where you are suppose to post the "I FOUND IT!!!!"

First, I think Arthur and Merlin must LOOOOOVE Anpanman, so I let them get a photo next to the Anpanman train:

 photo IMG_3502.jpg

And I figured Merlin would love the Shinkansen since it is so fast AND has power. Between Tokyo and Osaka, there is even WiFi! Sadly, Arthur didn't follow Merlin to the Shinkansen, he was too busy being happy about the Anpanman train....

 photo IMG_3509.jpg

At the end of the trip.... they were very tired of me so they decided to hide so I would not take pictures of them any more.

The postcard kept on falling out of my bag for some confounded reason. It was kind of funny because people kept on returning it to me. This is all. Good day~
Han-chan, the cutest Ham on earth
30 April 2012 @ 10:04 pm
So, I was reading this Snarry fic and there was this scene that made me think of someone singing the Kissing Tree ditty. Except, no one would dare sing just any old ditty now, would they? I am the only person responsible for this travesty against the English language.

Severus and Potter, sitting in a tree
First came potions, then came love
Then came the baby from a turtle dove~

Han-chan, the cutest Ham on earth
10 May 2009 @ 05:44 pm
My mom threatened my boooookssss~~~ *sob* She said they were going to get packed and put in storage! *sob* No book shelves, no books at home (even, as she legitimately pointed out, I am only there three weeks out of the year) she is evillllll~~~~~~~~~~~~~~! *sob* I have negotiated her down to packing up the books, maybe not ^_^

Happy Mother' day.

P.S.: Stealing books is mean.
Han-chan, the cutest Ham on earth
05 September 2008 @ 09:40 pm,

Why the hell do you care what I post here?
Han-chan, the cutest Ham on earth
05 September 2008 @ 02:07 pm
...are the source of all evil. I really don't like them, I realllly don't, if you like them, it is your loss. I don't really care who likes what honestly. This mac I am on is driving me insane (I am currently working on my Vista whore to type this, and doing some InDesign stuff on the devil's machine). I am significantly more used to using this program on a windows machine where I have everything understood. AND! I WANT MY RIGHT CLICK! Yes, you can press a keyboard button and click to right click, but I like being able to just click the mouse to get it!

Anyways, go McCain.
Han-chan, the cutest Ham on earth
28 August 2008 @ 01:47 pm
You loose your ability to proofread your work. No, really. The syllabus I was given by my teacher was NOT proofread! Damn mac user -_-'
Current Mood: blahSigh
Han-chan, the cutest Ham on earth
22 July 2008 @ 10:18 pm
... For the faint of heart or belly, read no further.

Last night was my night to take out of the trash, I was in the kitchen, preparing to take out the trash when I hear a dripping sound. Naturally I thought that there was a celling leak, so I asked a dorm mate if I could borrow the flash light to locate the leak (by finding the puddle on the floor) since the kitchen is not well lit and it was dark, you have to get the light reflecting just right to see it. So, I waited for the next drip sound and flashed the light on the floor.

Can you guess what I found?

Well, if you read the topic, you will know by now.

On the floor, where I flashed the light were maggots, honest to god maggots! In a bloody (ok, so this in one of the top five poorest counties in the state) affluentish area of where I am. Although it is only because it is a college town. Needless to say, I screamed like a girl. I was about an inch from a panic attack, I had gotten my rubber gloves and was picking them up, trying to stem the tide of the... contamination.

One of my dorm mates, Ni, took out a bottle of Clorox spray and started spraying the suckers. I collected as many as I could, put them in a box and threw them out. We sprayed almost the entire floor with bleach and placed puddles of bleach on the three thresholds and around the oven and refrigerator. Then we saw them climbing up the wall to get to the window, we sprayed the suckers. They started escaping the kitchen, I collected them then put a line of salt on the opposite side of the threshold as a final defense.

I then went to bed.

I had horrid nightmares and would frequently wake up screaming because I would feel things creeping on my body.

I did not sleep well.

I vacuumed the kitchen then moped it, with bleach. All the surfaces were bleached, the trashcan from which the maggots had been dripping had been disposed of the previous day, and wiped down. It is wicked clean, but I will not be able to walk barefoot in the kitchen for a gooood long while.
Current Mood: sicksickenedbeyond belief
Han-chan, the cutest Ham on earth
24 April 2008 @ 08:20 am
He said yes!!!!

Ok, so he is ruggedly handsome, dirty blond hair, long, blue eyes, and is smexy. So there.
Han-chan, the cutest Ham on earth
15 April 2008 @ 11:40 pm
So, when I get realllly depressed (i.e the past few months) one of the things I do is tech therapy, which is why I am now talking to you from my shiny new keyboard and mouse, courtesy of logitech and a gift card ^_^ It is amaaaaaaaaaaaazing, and I love it to death, it even has a mute button~~~~~~~~~~~

In other news, A, myself, C, and Cb (C's boyfriend who shall forevermore be known as Cb) have come up with a brilliant plan. C and I are rooming together, Cb and A are rooming together, then C is moving into Cb's room and A is moving in with me ^___^ Yayz~~~~~~~ Although, there are rumor mongers that think I am going to start dating A, uhhhhhh, I can put that to rest right here, NO. NEVER EVER EVER, NO!

I have learned the painful lesson of when NOT to date your friends, I earned a 3mo stalker for my trouble. Not doing it again, plus, for my goals, he is not BF material for me. Like him as a friend, but most definatley not as a bf.